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We're Hiring!!!

Most of all, we are looking for hard working and enthusiastic people looking to share their talents and passions while serving others through our events. We’re a truly family owned & operated business that takes the mentality of “it’s ALL personal, NOT JUST BUSINESS”. We invest in our staff and their passions. Be a part of what makes Halverson House different. Contact us today.

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Culinary Team

Do you appreciate true farm to table cooking? Do you want to be able to grow, forage, or gather from the coop what you serve? Do you want to create innovative & engaging menus for large & small events? Join our culinary team currently hiring Executive Chef, Sous Chef & Prep Chef(s).

Click here for executive chef job description

Event Director

Does seeing “Flag Day” on the calendar make you wonder how you can celebrate? Does the idea of a business luncheon becoming more excite you? Does seeing a flower bed give you visions of a garden party? Bring those creative planning ideas to life as an event coordinator.  

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Office Assistant

Are you a social marketing wizard? Are you persistent in maintaining your inbox? Are you a good communicator with friends and strangers alike? We want you to be our office assistant for these day to day operations.  

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Set Up Crew

Do you have a pinterest board filled with floral arrangements & party décor? Do you own a cricut cutter & look for any opportunity to customize your next gift? Do you appreciate a well-set table (fork is on the left!)? Join our set up crew where you can help clients’ pinterest dreams become reality.


Service Team

Love being a part of the energy of a great party? Love interacting with co-workers & guests in a fun environment? Love to sing along to “Dancing Queen” or “Sweet Caroline”? Want to make some money while doing it?! Join our service team as a bartender or server.

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