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Where farm meets table

Our Philosophy

Halverson House is different because of the PEOPLE. We care. It’s not “just business”, it’s a lifestyle of genuinely wanting to serve other people. We work hard, but enjoy what we do. We are a family business in every sense of the word. We live, work, go to school and everything inbetween on site. We take great pride in what we do and how we do it. Our staff is largely comprised of family (biological) and those who aren’t, we truly want to fold into our family dynamic. We want to foster growth and the passions of our staff to allow them to be fulfilled with their work. The culinary side of our business is a point of emphasis for us in that we enjoy having a hand in food planning, prep and consumption! That is not to say that we want to step on the toes of an executive chef, but we want to be a part of that process as well.  

Culinary Philosophy

What we think of food

In a word, "a lot"! We love food, & we love gathering around it. Our catering menu is literally “where farm meets table” in that we produce as much as we can in-house and on site, whether grown, foraged, or raised right here on our property. For items we can’t produce in house, we locally source as much as possible, because we value knowing where our food comes from and how it made it to our table. And let’s face it, we ARE on a farm! That said, being on a farm doesn’t mean you can’t have refined food and an elegant experience. We strive to deliver “comfortable elegance “ to all of our guests by crafting an accessible menu that can be enjoyed by all, but still has the ingredients and preparation to match any trendy restaurant. We realize that many don’t buy kale every day in the produce aisle, but once they have it prepared by our kitchen they’ll wonder why they don’t.


Based on experience & salary vs. hourly 


“In Season” –


             40-50 hour/week based upon events

             Target of 30-40 “large event” schedule 

             Planned “off week” in early/mid-July annually


“Off Season” –


             25-35 Hours

             Flexible with scheduled PTO during this period

                     (3 weeks)

             Handful of smaller events 

             Planned time off beginning of February

             Fill schedule holes with “self-hosted events”                              (farm dinners, brunches etc)


Wedding Day of –

                Wedding Party Brunch Service

                App/Dinner/Late Night Food Service

                Have front of house presence during service

                Manage Kitchen Staff –

One Sous chef for mid-week and day of assistance.

                Additionally Alex family involvement 

“Back Up” Lead chef – Combination of Sous Chef & Mike


Mid-Week –

                Weekly Staff Meeting (Mondays)

                Handle all food ordering

                Culinary Consults w/ clients 

                Weekend food prep

                Developing recipes (HH Cookbook)

                Be current on plate pricing/food costs

                Document food usage/portioning

                Upkeep/Cleaning of Kitchen & Equipment

                Gardening – Focus on items easy to grow and we use on                                          a regular basis. Some specialty items for                                                farm dinners: Cherry Tomatoes, Herbs                                                    (Rosemary, Thyme, Chives), 

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